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Oscawana Park and Graff Sanctuary

Posted by on July 21, 2012

Description: Oscawana Park and Graff Sanctuary are relatively small parks located in Cronton-on-Hudson, NY. We decided to start off with Graff Sanctuary after getting a bit lost trying to find Oscawana Park. Graff is a 29 acre Sanctuary that is very close to people’s homes and it very well marked for such a small place, only .8 miles of trails. It is a very easy going and relaxing hike with only three trails. You can start out on the Red Jack-in-the-Pulpit trail and veer to the left on the White Tulip Trail, then connect with the Blue River View Trail. This takes you on a loop around the park. We connected with the White trail and took it all the way up to Furnace Dock Road. From there we went left and followed the very desolate road until we reached the sign for Oscawana Island Park.

Oscawana Island Preserve is a small island peeking out into the Hudson River. It is a very straight forward walk following White blazes. There are some boat launch areas, picnic tables and benches. This is a great place to come to relax or walk your dog. The views near the water of the Hudson are quite nice and you can relax on some of the rocks close to the water. There are a few brick structures, most likely storage and a very random and intact fireplace. After walking through the whole island we headed back on Furnace Dock Road. While venturing back we saw some white blazes by some stone steps along the road. We followed the white markers into the woods and found some remnants of what appears to have been a mansion. We walked around a bit and came to a point where you could go in a few different directions, but all the markers were the same white color. The markers we followed ended up taking us back to the road. I believe that is also part of Oscawana Park but there are no signs indicating that. We connected with Graff again and looped around, using the Red (Steep Hill) trail which was decently steep and followed the loop until we returned to our original parking area.

Directions: You can start at either park and easily walk down to the other. I would recommended starting out with Graff Sanctuary, you can use this Google Map or visit the Saw Mill River Audubon site for specific directions. There are two parking areas here. You should park at the Briggs road entrance if you plan to walk over to Oscawana Park after.

If you want to start at Oscawana Park you are going to be looking for the parking area on Furnace Dock Road. Take Route 9 to the Montrose/Bucannan exit and make a left to go south on Route 9A. Make a right onto Furnace Dock Road and drive around 1.1 miles to the parking area.

Trail Map: You can find a map of Graff Sanctuary here. They also had maps a both entrances. The only map available for Oscawana, you can find here. However, its not worth printing out as the park is very straight forward.


Entrance to Graff sanctuary – right off the road



Entrance from Furnace Dock Road

Entrance to Oscawana Island


A house through the trees

whats left of an old house

On the edge of the island you could hide in this old storage shed if it starts raining while you’re fishing

You could easily put your feet in the Hudson

Some boaters in the Distance

If you go up into Oscawana park via the stairs on Furnace Dock road between Graff Sanctuary and the Island you’ll come upon some strange ruins

3 Responses to Oscawana Park and Graff Sanctuary

  1. Audrey Brooks

    Hi Joanne,
    I loved your description of Oscawana Park and Graff Sanctuary. There is a great trail at FDR State Park and for those of you in the area that enjoy running, please put it to a good cause and come join the Mental Health Association’s 5 K Run/Walk & 1 Mile Kids’ Race there! For more information go to

  2. Kurt

    Going up the stairs on Furnace Dock Road lead to the old McAndrews Estate. Here is a link to their site:

  3. Albert

    Nice park. Plan to use the boat launch and seems to be a good fishing down there. Saw people also did some kayaking in the stream.

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