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Hilltop Hanover Farm in Yorktown

Posted by on July 21, 2011

Description: Hilltop Hanover is a nice little jem to take a nice hour and a half trail walk on a Sunday morning with just enough up and down that you might break a little sweat.

Directions: This place is actually high budget compared to most other organizations. They actually have an informative website and directions at, make sure to check out their donations

Map: Download a map here. They have a map posted at 2 entrances, and a slot for where there are free maps, yet I’ve never actually seen a map in there – you’ll want to likely print one or memorize the one at the entrance, although this area is so small its really hard to get lost anyway.

Parking: There’s a stone lot just past the stand where they sell vegetables which will fit about 4 cars. Normally when I go on a Sunday there’s never been another car there. Although its likely much busier on Saturdays when they do U-Pick vegetables.


Hilltop Hanover Farm

The farm itself is in the distance when coming up the hill


Guinea Fowl Crossing Sign

The guinea fowl were hiding this time, although I saw them last time.

Hilltop Hanover Entrance Map

One of the entrance maps


Pump House Ruins

The pump house ruins


Hilltop Hanover Rock Wall

Like many other trails in this area, you’ll come along an old rock wall


Hilltop Hanover Camp Circle

You’ll come along a camp circle


Hilltop Hanover Pond

At the end of the trails you’ll come along a pond. There are some benches along the side, you can sit along pond side and have your lunch if you packed something or picked up a fresh veggie.

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