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High Tor Mountain

Posted by on July 14, 2011

High Tor State Park
415 South Mountain Road
New City, NY 10956

Description: High Tor State Park in itself is Pool and recreation area, with lots of kids and pets running around which I preferred to avoid. So park your car and put on some bug spray and sun tan lotion and check out the corner to the right(with your back to the pool).  You’ll see a rock path that goes uphill, with a gate that blocks you from taking your atv or some other vehicle, so follow that up a bit until you join with the long path which will be running perpendicular.

From here, its a simple left or right, you’ll want to take a right if you want to get to High Tor peak. The path itself is wide and well marked, its far from a difficult hike and practically a path with nothing special about it besides the view and its ease. Unless you want to continue on the long path (which stretches across half the state for almost 350 miles) then a map isn’t even needed for this part.

As you follow along the path, after a while you’ll eventually find the peak on your left. I veered off the path a couple times, as there’s a couple good views along the way. But when you get to the summit you’ll be overlooking Haverstraw and the Hudson, and its well worth it and the best view in Rockland County I’ve found to date. Once you find the view, its just a matter of turning around and going back to where you came from. It wasn’t more than 45 minutes in each direction.

History: Maxwell Anderson wrote a 1937 play, High Tor, the basis of a 1956 movie with Bing Cosby and Julie Andrews which was inspired by this summit.

As one of the highest elevated points in the county, High Tor was used by the colonists as a signaling post during the Revolutionary War, apparently there was a bit of a scuffle with some redcoats at the time.

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