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Brinton Brook Sanctuary and Jane E Lytle Arboretum Hike

Posted by on July 14, 2011

Maps: You have 2 options

  1. If you just want to do Brinton Brook, then the map from the Saw Mill River Audobon Society is sufficient.
  2. However, I suggest extending you hike to at least the Jane E. Lytle Arboretum as well and using the whole map of Croton. Alternatively you can check out Graff Sanctuary and there’s the newer walkway along the Hudson.

Brinton: Brinton Map
Croton: Croton Area Trails Map

Parking: I ended up parking at Arrowcrest road right before the Hudson Golf club entrance, parking there is limited so you can only fit 4 cars there. Alternatively you can take the private road to get to another entrance, or take fox road and park at Jane E Lytle arboretum which connects to brinton brook behind the golf club.

Description: The trail itself is very easy. I wish I had known of them earlier when I used to live in the Amberlands complex which they happen to go right behind. You basically stick to taking a series of left turns and can do a loop around the trails. Since I started at Arrowcrest, I started on the white trail, followed that and took a left onto yellow, then a left on the red for a short distance where I took a left back onto yellow.

This will lead you back to the alternate entrance, where you’ll stay on the yellow going north. You’ll take a left onto blue, then a left onto green, then a left onto white which you’ll follow behind the golf park into a loop around the Jane E Lytle Arboretum. After the loop you’ll come back on the white trail and take a left back onto the Green trail. After this you’ll take a left on the yellow and then a left on the white and be back where you parked.

While you’re in Croton make sure to grab a drink at the Black Cow if you like coffee. They have the best tasting coffee I’ve had in the area; I personally prefer the Cow Whip. If you’re hungry for dinner, I’d suggest the Ocean house. They have the best seafood I’ve ever had, in a quaint little train car restaurant that was renovated from the previous breakfast diner that I frequented. I suggest putting your name in for a reservation one night then taking the nearby walkway across 9 and following the path either way along the Hudson. Its a great way to burn off an hour as well as the great meal you’re about to eat.

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  1. Mike

    Check out a virtual tour of Brinton Brook Sanctuary on! Plenty of Pictures!

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